Life Flower Bath Bombs


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Life Flower BathBombs

50mg Pure Hemp-Derived CBD


What it is:

Handcrafted bath bombs, infused with cbd, essential oils, herbs, flowers and crystal points in 5 unique aromas and sensations.


If you want to know more…

Fill bathtub with warm to hot water. Allow the bath bomb to completly fizz. Rest in water for 15-45 min.

Limonene bath bomb was created to uplift and stimulate the senses and soul. Handcrafted with lemon, tea tree and lemongrass essential oils. Topped with rose petals and jasmine buds. Includes a citrine point. This bomb is perfect for heightening the vibration while relieving you of any stresses this journey of life may bring you.

Flower Child bath bomb  is intended to take you back to the "Summer of Love". Back then, it was custom for "flower children" to wear bright colors and hand out flowers, hugs, and spread the messages of unity, peace, and love. Handcrafted with peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary essential oils, and fresh, locally-grown healing herbs. With its bright colors, an array of bright flowers and a quartz crystal point this bomb is sure to take you back.

Crystal Vision bath bomb is Named after Steve Nicks' famous "Dreams", this bomb is light and relaxing. Created with a blend of floral essential oils, a small smokey quartz, fresh chrysanthemum flowers, and lavender buds.

Hypnosis bath bomb is the perfect before-bed bath bomb. Handcrafted with pure lavender essential oils which has been used for thousands of years as a natural sleep aid. Topped with an amethyst and fresh lavender buds. Amethyst is highly beneficial in treating insomnia, especially when caused by an over-active mind.

Unconditional Love bath bomb is Handcrafted in the shape of a heart with organic, nourishing coconut oil, aphrodisiacal therapeutic-grade essential oils, organic rose buds and a cleansed and charged Rose Quartz – the stone of unconditional love. Whether sharing with a loved one or enjoying by yourself this bomb is the perfect self-care pick me up.


What else you need to know:

Life Flower products are made in small batches with all-natural and boutique ingredients.



50mg Pure Hemp-Derived CBD, Organic Coconut Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Naturally-derived Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Epsom Salt, Organic Herbs, Essential Oils, Plant-based Color, Witch Hazel, Cleansed & Charged Crystal.