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Tree Top Vape Cartridge Cases

Tree Top Vape Cartridge Cases

Tree Top

This case of 10 Delta-8 THC Cartridges, perfect for the lovers of the wonderful effects Delta 8 has!
Each case has 10 Delta-8 Cartridges, and is available in 8 different strains.
Enjoy a whopping 8,000mg for the shockingly NEW and LOW price !

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     WATERMELON ZKITTLES (Indica) : The Variety Case that will envelope you in a blanket of marshmallow~

    • x10 Watermelon Zkittles Carts - Sedating, Happy, Calming

    CHERRY PIE (Hybrid) : An all around relaxing effect that will lift you up and put a smile on your face~

    • x10 Cherry Pie Carts - Relaxing, Uplifting, Calming

    PURPLE PUNCH (Indica) : For a truly indica rich strain that is as potent as it is sedating~

    • x10 Purple Punch Carts Antiemetic, Anti-inflammatory, Siesta

    ORANGE COOKIES (Hybrid) : A Variety Case for a mellow yet happy sensation that will result in a spellbinding sleep~

    • x10 Orange Cookies Carts - Soothing, Euphoric, Mellow

    GELATO (Indica) : For the most euphoric high accompanied by an all around relaxing effect~

    • x10 Gelato Carts Creativity, Serene, Tranquil

    BLUE DREAM (Sativa) : The kind of blissful feeling that makes you feel ready to go about your day, no matter what~

    • x10 Blue Dream Carts - Joyous, Centered, Enthusiastic

    SKYWALKER (Indica) : A strain that washes over you and keeps you feeling warm, snug and happy~

    • x10 Skywalker Carts - Floaty, Centered, Euphoric

    BANANA RUNTZ (Sativa) : A Variety Case that ensues focus while keeping you energized, euphoric and ready to GO~

    • x10 Banana Runtz Carts - Alert, Mood Boost, Elevated