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THCO Cartridge

THCO Cartridge


THCO 510 thread cartridges

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    What is THC-O?

    THC-O is a potent is the aetate ester of THC and is three times as strong as Delta-9-THC.. It promotes euphoric and uplifting effects on the mind and the body. People are seeking THC- O because of its known antiemetic, anti-anxiety and appetite boosting effects. 

    Trainwreck: SATIVA: Energizing. Euphoric. Uplifting.

    White Widow: HYBRID: Festive, Excitement, Relaxed.

    Bruce Banner: HYBRID: Inspired Buzz, Tranquilizing, Bliss.

    Ingredients : Blend of hemp derived cannabinoids & terpenes

    510 threaded , breathe & button compatible cartridge
    1G 95% hemp extract

    Warning: 21+ only. Use with caution. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while taking product. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.