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Sweet Dreams Giftset

Sweet Dreams Giftset


Sleep is the most rewarding and under-appreciated component, linked to our mood, function and overall well-being.
So when the holidays come around, show your loved ones how much you care with this!
P.S This comforting giftset includes some of your most cherished CBD products.
- Sunbeat Nighttime 15mg 30ct Gummies
- Frangiosa Farms Hemp Honey Stick
- Patsy's Mini CBD Milk Nugget

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    Total CBD: 490

    Amount per serving: 490.0mg

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    We could all benefit from deep and sweet sleep.

    Catch some Zzz's (and/or gift them!) THIS holiday season!

    A gift that keeps giving!

    Sunbeat Nighttime 15mg Gummies: This unique gummy has 15mg of Hemp extract and only 1mg of Melatonin! You heard that right, this gummy has the ideal blend for when you are craving the most relaxing and comforting sleep. Rest assured (literally), for this gummy will change your life!

    Frangiosa Farms Hemp Honey Sticks: A delicious and beneficial edible that you can incorporate into your go-to hot beverage or enjoy it directly- we sure do! Each honey stick has 15mg of CBD, the dose that is guaranteed to relax your mind and muscles! 

    Patsy's Mini CBD Milk Nugget: This CBD nugget solves two problems: the late night sweet tooth craving and insomnia! Each chocolate has 25mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and is the creamiest milk chocolate you have had yet!