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SteepFuze Hemp Coffee

SteepFuze Hemp Coffee


12 oz. Coffee – 360 mg CBD
3 oz. Coffee – 90 mg CBD      

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Serving Size: Begin with 1/2oz (2 heaping tbsp) coffee per 8oz. water
(Do not recommend using thicker oil removing filters, nor do we suggest a cold brew)

 What it is:
The Orginal: Orgin: EthiopiaRoast: Light/MediumFlavor Notes: Apricot, Cacao, Subtle Molasses, Hint of blueberry
New Mountain: 
 Orgin: Brazil, Uganda, EthiopiaRoast: MediumFlavor Notes: Semi Sweet Chocolate, 9Tart Berries, Caramel
Orgin:  HondurasRoast: Medium- DarkFlavor Notes: Caramel, Brown sugar, earthy chocolate

 What else you need to know:
How do we infuse? High quality coffee beans have about 15% fat, and cannabinoids such as CBD bind to fat. During the roast, these naturally occurring oils in the coffee beans become more active and  exposed, and we directly infuse them once the beans have cooled and are degassing during the curing process. Our coffees are infused at a 1:1 ratio of milligrams of CBD to grams of coffee for easy measuring.

Roasted Coffee
Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil (90 or 360mg per bag)