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Slushers 250MG Delta 8

Slushers 250MG Delta 8

Flame Industries

These fruity Slushes taste so delicious, that words can’t even describe. Each Package of Gushers are infused with 250mg of premium hemp derived Delta 8. This edible has a strong and long-lasting effect and is easy to consume during any occasion, making each experience very memorable & enjoyable.

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    Total CBD: 250mg

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    Infused with 250MG of premium hemp derived Delta 8, making this one a remarkable & awesome D-8 edible that takes only 60 minutes to fully activate! 

    Be careful to not eat all at one time unless you are experienced.  Do not drive or operate heavy machinery.
    Directions: Take 1-2 every 6 hours 

     The most notable benefits linked to Delta 8-THC include:

    • Stimulate appetite
    • Help with Pain and Inflammation
    • Eliminate Nausea in Cancer Patients
    • Enjoy a clearer-headed Relaxation