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Party for ONE ?


Kick start the beginning of a New Year surrounded by soothing vibes that produce a sensation like never before!
Keep Calm: A wondrous combination of the Tao Rechargeable Battery, a 500mg Tao Water cart for a dream-like sense of relaxation and the Sunbeat 2ct 20mg Delta-8 gummies that will redefine your definition of "Unwind."
Carry On: Welcome the New Year with the cathartic 10ct Urb 100mg Delta-8 gummies in mango, the tranquilizing hybrid that is the CBD Living O.G pre-roll and two Patsy's saltwater taffy's for a whopping 50mg of CBD.

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    Whether your New Year's Eve night is looking quite lonesome or you are looking forward to that one special night of the year in which you can be surrounded by your closed ones and say your goodbye's to the year while looking forward for all that is to come, these Giftpacks are going to add sparks to your night!

    Keep Calm Pack: Consisting of the Tao rechargeable battery, a 500mg CBD Water cart and 2ct 20mg Delta 8 gummies, this is the pack you want when you are ready to chill throughout the night with the sweet balance that can be found when pairing CBD and Delta 8 THC. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

    Carry On Pack: This pack comes with the Urb Mango 10ct 10mg Delta 8 gummies, a CBD Living O.G pre-roll and two tasty 25mg Salt water taffy's. A pack of goodies for those who especially don't mind partying alone and are keeping their spirits up for 2021! Enjoy and unwind before leaving 2020 in the dust!