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Palo Santo, Hops & Hemp Kombucha

Palo Santo, Hops & Hemp Kombucha


Made with 30mg of industrial hemp extract from a local, upstate NY hemp farm, this delicately balanced brew is sure to elevate your day. We steep our kombucha with sacred Palo Santo wood and finish with floral hops to create a deep, full-bodied brew!

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    Total CBD: 30mg

    Amount per serving: 30.0mg per serving

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    As physicians, we believe that balance is an integral part to health and the natural state, both in humans and in our product.  As kombucha is created from a living symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, SCOBY, understanding and respecting these relationships is vital to the success of producing both healthy and delicious kombucha. 

    Our kombucha is fermented with fruit, then dry hopped with flowers and spices to provide a bright, effervescent taste and sweet aroma. Our 1.5 month long process optimizes our kombucha’s natural probiotic benefits while quelling the acidity found in many widely distributed kombucha. We do not pasteurize our kombucha.