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Mini Moxey + CBD Luxe Vape Pen

Mr. Moxey

This Perfect Pair dives in for more immediate relief , relaxation and sleep aids.
Mini. Mr moxey mints paired with CBD Luxe Disposable Pens.

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    Relief + Be Alert
    For those in need of a little relief, our all-natural and soothing CBD-infused ginger mints are enriched with herbs selected to ease physical and emotional discomfort. Made to lighten your spirits for those days when a regular mint just won’t cut it. The naturally spicy ginger flavor is an invigorating alternative to conventional mints and serves as a great palate cleanser. 
    20 mints per tin. 5mg CBD per mint.

    Be Alert - Daytime Use
    Perfect for those early mornings. This is a blend of vibrant blend of Non GMO Lemon, Lime and Ginger Essential Oils. Time to get up and GO!
    200mg CBD. 1mg per pull

    Dream + Be Clear
    For those who have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, our Dream CBD-infused mints blend herbs that attend to both in a synergistic way. Formulated to soothe even the busiest of minds and help the day drift away, sending you off to the land of nod. 20 mints per tin. 5mg CBD per mint.

    Be Clear - Anytime Use
    Day or Night, sometimes you need to just be clear. Invigorating Peppermint is perfect, anytime.
    200mg CBD. 1mg per pull