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Mary's Nutritional Elite Transdermal Patch

Mary's Nutritional Elite Transdermal Patch

Mary's Nutritionals

Mary’s Patches are 2×2 laser-cut squares that contain 10mg of Extract, which is gradually released over 8-12 hours. Patches are latex-free and made with pharmaceutical grade adhesive and hypoallergenic foam backer.

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    Total CBD: 10mg

    Amount per serving: 10.0mg per serving unit

    Price per mg: 0.70

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    10 transdermal mg is equivalent to approximately 100mg of an edible dispensed slowly and evenly over an 8-12 hour period- day or night. Higher absorption rate as the cannabinoids bypass stomach acid breakdown. Transdermal delivery allows cannabinoids to permeate for a quick onset. Clean area before placement with isopropyl alcohol. Do not apply to an irritated area or if irritation occurs.

    Silicone Polymer, Oleic Acid, Lecithin, Isopopyl Myristate, Elite Hemp Extract (10mg Cannabidiol Complex), Eucalyptus, Polysorbate, Limonene, B-Pinene, B- Caryophyllene.