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CBD Moon Rocks

CBD Moon Rocks

Wellmart CBD

1 Gram of Premium quality hemp flower is soaked in the purest hash oil and then rolled in kief, causing a trifecta of medical and recreational benefits. Taken in small doses, this highly potent form of CBD greatly increases the beneficial effects of it’s full spectrum cannabinoids. Please email or call for more pictures or details.

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    Total CBD: 4207mg

    Amount per serving: 420.7mg per serving

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    What Are Moon Rocks?

    Moon rocks are a combination of CBD or marijuana flower dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kief.  They are known as the strongest and most potent CBD and THC products on the market.  Traditionally Moon Rocks start with a dark primo cannabis or hemp bud flower that gets sprayed in hash oil, finished by rolling the caked bud in kief.  This produces the highest amount of consumable CBD possible. CBD and cannabis connoisseurs are always looking for newer and better ways to enjoy their favorite strains of CBD and/or THC. 

    How to smoke Moon Rocks?

    The best experience to consume Moonrock is to use a hash pipe or bowl.  Do not break them down in a weed grinder, or you will lose the kief surrounding the flower/hash.  Use a soft-flame lighter (no torches).
    The flame will ignite the kief, which activates the hash oil, ultimately clean burning the flower located on the inside of the moonrock.