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CBD Living Chocolate

CBD Living Chocolate

CBD Living

Nano-CBD technology with delicious milk chocolate for a delightful taste with instant bioavailability.

Each CBD Living Milk Chocolate Bar is gluten free and contains:
-200 mg full-spectrum Nano-CBD
-25 mg CBD per segment
-8 segments per bar

    24.00 24.00 24.0 USD


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    Total CBD: 200mg

    Amount per serving: 25.0mg per serving

    Price per mg: 0.12

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    This natural hemp chocolate bar boasts a smooth mix of hemp seeds and tastes like a grown-up Dairy Crunch.
    CBD is infused into each chocolate bar through the use of nanotechnology, which makes this chocolate easily absorbable through the liver and bloodstream. Due to high absorbency, the effects of these chocolate bars will take effect rapidly.


    • Proprietary Broad Spectrum Nano Hemp Extract (aerial parts) 200 MG (Cannabidiol / CBD)
    • Sugar
    • Palm Kernel Oil
    • Nonfat Dry Milk
    • Cocoa
    • Soy Lecithin
    • Salt