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Alliance Hemp Co. CBD Flower

Alliance Hemp Co. CBD Flower

Alliance Hemp Co

Alliance Hemp Co. hemp flower is clean green certified. Organically grown on southern Oregon Farms. By experienced growers & cultivators.

Hemp flower is known to help promote happy moods and better sleep as well as a relaxed mind, body, and soul.
All Strains have been said to assist in the lessening feelings of depression, anxiety, pain and restlessness.

Eighth Jar = 3.5 grams
Quarter Jar = 7 grams

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OG Kush - Indica Dominant *Ideal for evening use
One of the most sought after, smokable strains on the market. Cultivated in greenhouses & indoor by expert growers, OG Kush is a great combination of grassy to sweet

Haze - Sativa Hybrid *Great for anytime use

Known to have a higher CBD content with an effect that leave you with a non-intoxicated hazy mood. This one of the premium strains that never disappoints.

Purps - Sativa Dominant *Great for anytime use 

Known for its terpene profile that gives off a strong gassy smell and a slightly sweet flavor, Purps is popular for its large, dense purple bud.

Lemon Kush - Sativa Hybrid *Great for anytime use 

With a citrus smell combined with an equal mix of kush, Lemon Kush closely mimics the known THC strain Tangy. 

Sauce - Sativa Hybrid *Ideal for morning and daytime use

This exotic CBD Strain is an uplifting sativa dominant hybrid.

Gas - Sativa Hybrid *Great for anytime use 

Known for its gassy unforgettable smell. With a unique terpene profile similar to the known Diesel, Chem & OG lines, this is a strain you'll surely try again.