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7LC : Vape Carts

7LC : Vape Carts


You have probably heard of the best of both worlds but have you ever experienced the bliss of three universes?
We have handpicked only our finest cartridges for a trio that includes CBD, DELTA-8 and DELTA-10.
Welcome the instant relaxation and head-to-toe pleasure that this kit will generate.
- Treetop Sour Apple Monster Delta 10 Cartridge
- Urb Purple Punch Delta 8 Cartridge
- Tao Water 500mg Cartridge
- BONUS: Urb Shorty Battery + Charger

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    Total CBD: 2200mg

    Amount per serving: 2200.0mg per serving

    Price per mg: 0.07

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    You asked so we provided! This Vape kit is a kit like never before, for it will cater to your craving for CBD, DELTA-8 & DELTA-10. You no longer have to pick one amongst the other, because this bundle contains the three cannabinoids we all love. Try them out together and take note of how therapeutic the effects can be!

    Treetop Super Sour Apple Delta 10 Cartridge: A predominately fruity palette just like the name suggests: sour apples which gives sweet and sour citrus notes. Undertones of earthiness will be sure to provide a complex flavor mixture you’ll be sure to love. Delta 10 is known to take on the effects a sativa produces.

    Urb Purple Punch Delta 8 Cartridge: An aroma of sweet berries reminiscent of a blueberry muffin described as producing an intense calm that is the ideal strain for unwinding into a deep slumber. Delta 8 has been commonly described as affecting the body similarly to an indica strain.

    Tao 500mg CBD Water Cartridge: We can all agree that CBD is great for relaxing the muscles while keeping you feeling clear-headed and at ease. CBD is produced in abundance naturally, in hemp flower and has a plethora of benefits (without psychotropic properties). The Tao Water cartridge is the strain Granddaddy Purple which is best known for being a heavy indica that envelopes the body in what feels like a blanket made entirely of marshmallow. This cartridge will have you feeling "sweet dreams" like never before. 

    BONUS: Urb Shorty Battery: This kit is filled with a sweet and thoughtful surprise... The battery you have been looking for is here! The electronics in the Urb Shorty are designed specifically for high viscosity extracts and are made with full metal, custom mold, highest end internal battery and components.

    The journey is now complete!