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7LC : Start The Day

7LC : Start The Day


When you want to start your day off with a fresh kick, avoid drinking anything that may have you seeing noise. You can enjoy the relaxing boost of energy that CBD provides and get on with your day. Handpicked for those who ARE the zest in their life- this gift set will have you skipping to work, or anywhere for that matter.
- Bluebird Botanicals Uplift CBG + CBD oil
- Medterra Good Morning Capsules
- CBDLuxe Disposable Be Alert Vape

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    Begin your day with only the best CBD products out there, formulated specifically to provide you with the energy and immunity you need to get on with your day. Flourish as the day drives on!

    Bluebird Botanicals Uplift CBG + CBD oil: CBG is known as the “mother cannabinoid.” It’s the original form of many cannabinoids including THC, CBD, and CBC. Specific enzymes in the plant break CBGA down and “direct” it toward one of the three lines. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and is typically present in low concentrations, which makes it a “minor cannabinoid.” This makes CBG perfect for those who could use a little extra boost in their day. This brightening blend of full-spectrum hemp extract, cannabigerol isolate and A-Pinene and B-Limonene make this product a unique experience.

    Medterra Good Morning Capsules: Medterra’s proprietary Liposomal delivery wraps nutrients in a protective hydrophobic membrane, protecting them from destructive enzymes in the stomach. The result is up to a 17x increase of bioavailability, and up to 10x faster absorption to the bloodstream. Paired with Turmeric, Caffeine, B6 and B12 this capsule is a great jump start to any day- no matter how productive.

    CBDLuxe Disposable Be Alert Vape: This disposable is perfect for those early mornings. This is a blend of vibrant blend of Non GMO Lemon which is loaded with Vitamin C, Lime which aids in iron absorption as well as immunity and Ginger Essential Oils for powerful medicinal properties. A natural recipe for any go-getter, this disposable has 200mg of CBD. Time to get up and GO!