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7LC : Skinny

7LC : Skinny


The Freshman 20 have become a dogma of sorts but can we all just talk about how real the Covid 20 are?
There is no need to cut out any food group, all you really need is to incorporate this gift set into your daily life.
You will note the wonders of satiety and get a punch of nutrients all at the same time.
Skinny can NOW taste like a cheat treat!
- CBDFX Apple Cider Vinegar 8ct Gummies
- CBDLUXE CBD Gummies - ZVARIN+ Reduce Formula
- Better Delights THCV 100mg Gummies

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    Total CBD: 900mg

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    This is like the holy trinity of Skinny! Enjoy the benefits and wonderful taste- you are in for quite the surprise!

    CBDFX Apple Cider Vinegar 8ct Gummies: These gummies provide all of the detox health benefits of apple cider vinegar, plus Vitamin B12 for energy and supporting immune function, along with organic pomegranate, an effective antioxidant. Say no more- this is exactly what you need if you are in search of Skinny.

    CBDLUXE CBD Gummies - ZVARIN+ Reduce Formula: This gummy has hemp extract that is rich in CBDV and THCV, and it also contains CBD, CBG, and CBN. Varins are the newest and most exciting class of phytocannabinoids to hit the market and are very rare cannabinoids. Varins are less abundant than CBD in hemp and are prized for their therapeutic properties. You will find that your satiety has increased as well as a decrease in appetite. Enjoy the terpenes which are a group of “aroma molecules” found within many plants – specifically in the trichomes of the hemp plant – that give off spice, citrus, or floral smells and flavors. A gummy worth savoring.

    Better Delights THCV 100mg Gummies: Welcome THCV... a cannabivarin that is present in sativa strains, resulting in a motivated, alert and energizing feeling of euphoria. As well as providing a calm boost of energy, these gummies increase satiety and improve the mood. What better way to say farewell to the unwanted covid 20?