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7LC : Energy

7LC : Energy


Raise your hands if you know you're not lazy- raise both hands if you just so happen to be on energy saving mode. (Truthfully, aren't we all?)
Whether you've got one or both hands up, put them down and release all bodily tension. We have created a giftset so darn efficacious, that you will want to purchase it not just for yourself, but also for those lucky enough to be in your instagrams "Close Friends Only List."
Hear us out...
- Lucent Botanicals Energy Mints
- Better Delights THCV Gummies
- Medterra Wellness CBD+ Energy Capsules

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    There is nothing like a jittery-free boost of energy to accompany you throughout your day. This is why we are such heavy believers in the therapeutic properties that come from hemp products that are infused with ingredients created by Mother Nature herself. 

    Lucent Botanicals Energy Mints: Take your power back wholeheartedly and avoid the midday slump properly. Lucent Botanical mints are packed with 10mg of CBD (zero THC), Ginseng, Basil, Green Tea, A-Pinene and B-Pinene. Fight exhaustion with Ginseng and Green Tea, avoid inflammation with Basil, relax with A-Pinene and increase mental alertness, clarity and overall cognitive function with B-Pinene. 

    Better Delights THCV Gummies:  Say hello to the rare cannabinoid you have probably not heard of yet- THCV. This cannabinoid hasn't been playfully called the "race car" just for fun. It truly is an energizing nutrient in the hemp plant, predominantly due to the fact that it is found in sativa strains but also because it up-regulates energy metabolism. Nevermind the delicious bite it has- fruit punch flavored and all. This gift set truly has your need for energy covered. 

    Medterra Wellness CBD+ Energy Capsules: Medterra has outdone themselves once more. Their Energy capsules have got a blend we are sure you have yet to try. Each capsules has 25mg of Broad spectrum CBD, Cordyceps, Vitamin D2 and Rhodiola. Cordyceps is a parasitic fungi that grows on the larvae of insects. The fungi attacks the host, replaces its tissue and sprouts long slender stems that grow outside of the host's body. The remains have been hand-collected, dried and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for years for its energizing properties. Rhodiola is a plant used in Arctic and Northern European regions for its use as an adaptogen, allowing the body to resist and adapt to environmental, chemical and physical stress. Paired with Vitamin D2 which supports strong bones, this is a capsule you want to keep by you.