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7LC : End The Day

7LC : End The Day


Let's be honest, we all look forward to curling up in bed after the day has wound down. But are you truly ready for some snuggles if you have not some hemp companions to keep the aches and pains at bay? We all know that cloud 9 is just a balanced routine away...
- CBD : CBN Slumber Sleep Aid Warming & Cooling Relief Stick - 1,000 Mg
- Sunbeat Nighttime 15mg 30ct Gummies
- Green Gorilla Vegan Capsules Relax

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    We are all just trying to find the key formula to keep us sleeping happily... preferably ALL throughout the night. This is why we have handpicked these irresistible goodies to keep you cozy, blissful and oh so sleepy. Prepare to unwind and sleep like a log... literally.

    CBD : CBN Slumber Sleep Aid Warming & Cooling Relief Stick - 1,000 Mg: Look no further- this warming and cooling stick has been made with the formula any sleep connoisseur would need. We are all familiar with CBD, the nutrient with a plethora of benefits... but let us introduce you to CBN. CBN is a minor cannabinoid created when THCA oxidizes, resulting in a cannabinoid ideal for inducing sleep. This relief stick has 780mg of CBD and 260mg of CBN with a touch of warming and cooling menthol. Can I get a "HELL YEA!" ?

    Sunbeat Nighttime 15mg 30ct Gummies: If you have not heard of Sunbeat you will be oh so glad to hear about it. Each gummy has 15mg of a unique blend of hemp extract, l-theanine, passionflower, skullcap and the perfect dose of melatonin: 1 mg (& zero THC). Each of the ingredients is present precisely for their naturally soothing properties. A must-have for inducing sleep without overwhelming the mind, this gummy will have you feeling absolutely ready to take on anything the following morning.

    Green Gorilla Relax Vegan Capsules: These herbal CBD capsules feature a potent blend of 40mg of broad-spectrum CBD providing 10mg of active CBD, 50mg of Ashwagandha, also known as indian ginseng, 50mg of L-theanine and 25mg of Passion Flower extract. A fusion of herbs that will help lower blood pressure, calm the mind and body and ease you into a delightful slumber.