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7LC : D8 + Gummies V2

7LC : D8 + Gummies V2


This exclusive trio pairs Delta 8 THC + Mushrooms, CBN, CBD, Delta 9 THC & More
Delta 8 THC paired with powerful supporting herbs & ingredients brings new levels of relaxation to the table.

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    Total CBD: 950

    Amount per serving: 25.0mg

    Price per mg: 0.11

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    Shrooms : 
    Experience the magic of Delta-8 THC with 25mg Shrooms Delta-8 Gummies, a special formula made with all-natural Delta-8.
    Contains : Delta 8 THC + Lions Mane , Reishi , & Cordyceps Mushroom Fruit Extract 

    Sour Snakes : 
    Hemp Co Delta 8 gummies deliver a potent 30mg with a delicious sour gummy flavor. You’ll find a completely new mind/body experience waiting for you. These Delta 8 gummies have a tangy sour flavor with no earthy hemp aftertaste.
    Contains : Delta 8 THC + CBD, CBN & Delta 9 THC

    Slumber : 
    A powerful alternative to OTC sleep aids we have taken our top selling CBN oil and Delta-8 oil and infused it into watermelon gummy.
    Contains : Delta 8 THC + CBN & Delta 9 THC