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7LC : D8 Candy

7LC : D8 Candy


The childhood nostalgia is going to hit you profusely once you get a load of what we have created just for YOU.
This 7LC Delta-8 Candy Kit has only the best sweets out there!
You can now treat your inner child and inner astronaut as this kit will have you travelling to different dimensions (and galaxies)!
- Slushers 250mg Delta 8
- Rainbow Ropes 250mg Delta 8
- Space Balls 250mg Delta 8

    75.00 75.00 75.0 USD


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    Total CBD: 750mg

    Amount per serving: 750.0mg per serving

    Price per mg: 0.10

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    We would recommend you share these with a pal but let's be real: these treats are much too breathtaking for words! This kit has our all-time favorite candies infused with Delta-8!

    And you thought it couldn't get any better...

    Slushers 250mg Delta 8: Just as tasty as when you are younger but with a TWIST! These Delta 8 slushers have a mindblowing bite to them- made for those ready to truly unwind for the night. Get ready for blast off because these will have swept up off your feet and floating higher and higher...

    Rainbow Ropes 250mg Delta 8: The deliciously crunch snack that can never seem to be eaten in moderation for one bite just leads to another... Start slow for it has 250mg of Delta 8 which means you won't be able to do much besides have the most tranquilizing sleep of your life. This isn't just a treat for your sweet tooth craving though: you can also expect a healthier appetite, pain relief and help with nausea. Enjoy that this rainbow rope is easily breakable and share the marvelous euphoria with others!

    Space Balls 250mg: Flavorful, fruity and chewy- is there a better combination? YES, when you add Delta-8 to the mix, the party starts! Just like your favorite candy skittles, these space balls are unique and incredibly tasty! You won't need to worry about fighting off insomnia, pains or aches when you have these by your side. Just as the packaging indicates, these space balls are going to have you feeling like you have just landed on the moon (or is it Mars?) Who cares! You'll be feeling way too good...