CBDLUXE Sublingual / Topical Spray 500mg


Heavy Duity Glass bottle with specially designed atmoizer that delivers a tiny nano size particulate mist for an effective sublingual uptake and topical coverage.

Each Spray Delivers 2mg of pure 99.9% Pharma Grade CBD.

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Sublingual Use

Sublingual use is an effective method for the uptake of CBD. Generally it takes up to 15 minutes to uptake CBD sublingually. While not as fast an uptake as vaping, sublingual use tends to last longer than vaping. And for those who don’t wish to inhale anything, sublingual use is a viable alternative uptake method.

Spray desired amount under the tongue and hold for 90 seconds, then swallow.


Topical Use

Studies have shown CBD to be an effective anti inflammatory. It can be ingested or used topically. Our new specially designed spray top allows for fantastic skin coverage with just a tiny amount. It contains no artificial flavors colors or preservatives. In fact, with only 2 ingredients, Organic CBD and Organic MCT oil, it is perfect for those with sensitive skin or skin issues.

Spray on affected area and rub in a circular direction until oil is full absorbed.