Frangiosa Farms Honey 12oz


  • 12oz
  • 1000mg CBD

Each 12 oz jar contains 1000 mg of full spectrum hemp extract.12oz (340ml) jar: ~68 servings per jar at 5 ml per serving (approximately 1 tsp).One serving (7g) contains 15 mg of hemp extract.Wait 45 minutes before consuming another serving to gauge how your body metabolizes the cannabinoids. Stir and enjoy.

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Frangiosa Farms 12oz

  • 12oz
  • 1000mg CBD

What it is:

Pure and raw honey infused with 15 mg of Colorado-grown full spectrum hemp extract per serving. Also added 100 mg of proprietary blend of 95% curcuminoid turmeric root extract, turmeric root and black pepper to each serving creating this unique, creamed blend.

Can be good for:

– Relaxation

– Anxiety


-Anti- Inflammatory

What its Formulated Without:

-No Artificial Ingredients




Tumeric Root Complex, Tumeric extract, Tumeric Root, Black Pepper, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.