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Alliance Hemp Co. Pre-Rolled Hemp CBD Joint

Alliance Hemp Co. Pre-Rolled Hemp CBD Joint

Alliance Hemp Co

Alliance Hemp Co. pre rolls are known to create a relaxed mind, mood and body. As well as a feeling of clarity and can assist in a well rested nights sleep. Without a drowsy or psychoactive effect, all of our hemp flower tests well below the legal .3% THC level. And is legal in all of the 50 states.

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Alliance Hemp Co. pre roll flower is:

– Organically grown on their own farms

– Do not contain leaf, stem or seeds

– 3rd party lab tested

– Assembled and prepared in house

– 1 gram

– Come in a child proof safety tube

– Clean Green Certified

OG Kush - Indica Dominant *Ideal for evening use
One of the most sought after, smokable strains on the market. Cultivated in greenhouses & indoor by expert growers, OG Kush is a great combination of grassy to sweet

Haze - Sativa Hybrid *Great for anytime use

Known to have a higher CBD content with an effect that leave you with a non-intoxicated hazy mood. This one of the premium strains that never disappoints.

Purps - Sativa Dominant *Great for anytime use 

Known for its terpene profile that gives off a strong gassy smell and a slightly sweet flavor, Purps is popular for its large, dense purple bud.

Lemon Kush - Sativa Hybrid *Great for anytime use 

With a citrus smell combined with an equal mix of kush, Lemon Kush closely mimics the known THC strain Tangy. 

Sauce - Sativa Hybrid *Ideal for morning and daytime use

This exotic CBD Strain is an uplifting sativa dominant hybrid.

Gas - Sativa Hybrid *Great for anytime use 

Known for its gassy unforgettable smell. With a unique terpene profile similar to the known Diesel, Chem & OG lines, this is a strain you'll surely try again.